Choose what works best for you

We offer two types of services. We can deal directly with your client, work as a silent partner, or even provide a
combination of both of them.

  • iconSilent PartnerWe start with weaving all your questions thus you can converse with the clients directly. We will support you with all the technical requirements from pitching a project to the final execution. We will maintain it always as silent. We will never use your clients name or your clients project in any form. You can be assured of all the privacy and concentrate garnering more business.
  • iconDirect PartnerWe can directly communicate with your clients by being your representative for Animation Video. We will use our expertise to handle the client conversations and sales. This will help for an in depth discussion and meeting all the technical queries of a client. This is like having an overseas office of your own!
Partnering with us gives you the following Advantages

  • Zero tension from fussy contracts
  • Growth in Revenue with minimum investment
  • Dedicated Video Creation Team for you
  • Flexibility from Fixed Expenses
  • Competitive Price Advantage