Whiteboard Animation VideoStand Out & Amaze with Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is most certainly an innovative technique, which brilliantly captures videos of drawings while they are being drawn on a whiteboard to elucidate stories and concepts.

At Animation Yogi, the process of whiteboard animation begins with the conception of a story, which forms the basis of a storyboard. Your needs are carefully analyzed before conceptualization of the story. Our experts gladly welcome, in fact encourage feedback and suggestions to ensure production of a highly customized whiteboard animation, which satisfies the curiosity of audiences through impeccable drawings. Depending upon your specifications and demands we employ techniques such as time lapse or stop motion to animate imaginative drawings.

Present the whiteboard animation produced by us and instantly showcase the identity of your organization, product or brand. Your clients will be absolutely delighted by the sheer ingenuity of the animation. Additionally, you can adroitly introduce, define or explain certain aspects of your business through this type of animation.

Actual footage has its limitations as artistic creativity is restricted and distinction is hard to achieve. However, with whiteboard animation there are no such limitations, since drawing and animation know no bounds. Employ our innovative whiteboard animation solutions when you know actual footage will not suffice, due to its lack of imagination and distinction.